Admission policy

Admission At BMCS


BM CONCEPT SCHOOL strives to provide holistic education to all the students who believe their needs could be met in the school. We admit students from various social, ethnic or economic backgrounds and ensure that eligibility for admission is independent of any discrimination based upon caste, color, creed, gender and nationalities. BMCS through its admission policy endeavors to create a multi-cultural environment and is open to receiving applications from students of various countries or regions, irrespective of their previous curriculum.


Students are eligible to apply for admissions, irrespective of cognitive, social, emotional or mild developmental delays if the student and the family feel that the school can meet the requirements of the candidate and the school is prepared to admit such students.

  • BMCS is open to receiving enquiries for admissions to Grades Nursery to VIII throughout the year.

Special Educational Needs


The school is not equipped or staffed to educate students with any gross / severe learning or emotional issues. Students with milder symptoms may be admitted on the approval of Head of Counseling and the Senior Leadership Team.


It is mandatory for parents /guardians to disclose reports of Psychometric, educational assessments, academic transcripts from the previous school and medical reports of the candidate prior to the confirmation of admission in the above-mentioned cases.


Students who are high achievers are admitted to the school as it has the provision to support such students.

Admission policy

  • Admission is open to students between 3 years to 15 years for Grade Nursery to Grade 8 depending on the admission tests, admission counselling and interaction with the Principal.

  • The registration form is valid for one academic year only. Registration fee is non-refundable.

  • Sibling/s will be given preference provided a seat is vacant.

  • The student is required to fulfill the age criteria / equivalent grade as mentioned by the admission committee.

  • Foreign nationals need to submit relevant documents as per Govt. of India rules and regulations for foreign nationals and secure appropriate Visa / Resident permit, if applicable.

  • Age appropriate aptitude test / psychometric tests are administered to identify the basic skills of a child in language/math/ science. These tests are administered to help the child and parent and in turn for the school to understand the child’s ability.

  • In case of cancellation of admission, admission fee and school fee will not be refunded.

  • A late fee of 100 INR per day will be applicable if school fees and any other dues are not paid on time. An incomplete Registration Form will be rejected without assigning any reasons.