BMCS offers a highly engaging and diverse curriculum. Our academic program emphasizes critical thinking and builds independent learners. It is enhanced and enriched by a robust set of complementary activities that support and extend students’ individualized learning experiences.

Pre - Primary ( Nursery to Grade 2 )

The Systematic Change Programme helps awaken the Human Potential in every child in our school’s formative education. This is made possible by bringing a radical transformation in the 4 culture forces that impact learning – Teaching, Assessing, Learning Environment and School System.

Development in 4 domains: Cognitive, Social, Emotional, & Metacognitive.

Primary ( Grade 3 to 5 )

The primary years are the critical period when the child might develop an enduring and joyful relationship with learning or come to view it as a detestable chore. The  challenge for educators is to create the right contexts and experiences for learning  that resonate in the student’s mind.

The Elementary Years Concept dwells on the roots of a caring, stimulating, and open ethos. We are committed to providing an outstanding inquiry-based program for the students both in the homeroom environment and as part of our extensive specialist program.

lower secondary (Grade 6 to 8)

The Middle Years Concept is a stage of developing independence when students begin to make decisions about their own learning and to inquire and explore in ways that enhance their development. Students become more aware of their role in groups, valuing other’s choices and recognizing the strengths in one another. We aspire to help make this stage a happy one, full of learning, friendships, and personal discovery.