Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Aspiring to be a global leader in school education where every student attains subject mastery, life skills and futuristic vision with digital literacy, international mindedness and intercultural understanding

Our Mission

To research, design and deliver the best human-centred school programme:


  • that follows the best learner-centred and intellectually challenging academic practices in an ideal learning environment with close monitoring of the progress of each student equitably;


  • that prepares the students emotionally, physically and socially to thrive and live a balanced, ethical and resilient life of servant leadership with finesse, passion and compassion of a global citizen, yet rooted in their own language and culture;


  • that provides opportunities to students for global collaboration, exploration and innovation to foster creativity, international mindedness and intercultural understanding with empathy;


  • that proactively protects and safeguards the well being, safety and security, including data protection and cyber security, of all students, staff and the school community at large.