Welcome to Bhagwan Mahavir Concept School

BMCS offers an inviting & safe environment for students to learn & grow. We place students at the center of their learning experience. Our academic program emphasizes critical thinking and builds independent learners. It is enhanced and enriched by a robust set of complementary activities that support and extend students’ individualized learning experiences.


BM Concept School is currently offering – Cambridge Primary (Grades 1 to 5), Cambridge Lower Secondary (Grades 6 to 8) and will add Cambridge Upper Secondary (Grades 9 and 10), Cambridge Advanced (Grades 11 and 12) from the next session.

The Learning Concept at BMCS helps awaken the Human Potential in every child during their formative education.

This is made possible by bringing a radical transformation in the 4 cultural forces that  impact learning –

  • Teaching,
  • Assessing,
  • Learning Environment and
  • School Systems.

By learning, we mean development in the 4 domains – Cognitive, Social, Emotional and  Metacognitive, apart from the development of Values.


While we celebrate academic excellence and encourage our students to raise the standards of their performance, our maxim Is

‘Learning beyond classroom’


Our core values are spread out to 2 levels. We believe that:


  • Each person has equal intrinsic value.
  • People are responsible for the choices they make.
  • All people have the potential for growth.
  • Internal motivation is the most powerful driver of learning and success.
  • A balanced lifestyle is the essence of well-being.


  • Mutual trust and respect are essential for healthy, enduring relationships.
  • Embracing our interdependence is vital for the community to flourish.
  • Practice, perseverance, and reflection are integral to a culture of excellence.
  • We are the trustees of our environment.